My journey from self-centred and depressed to altruistic and happy…

Welcome to my blog. My name is Pete, thanks for stopping by and reading my story. I guarantee there will be something you can learn from my ramblings in these pages where I describe my experience of how my ego has affected my life so far and what I plan to do about it. I hope you can put my insights to good use to enable you to improve your own life, or at least, avoid making some of the mistakes I have. So, let me start by introducing myself…

As I said, my name is Pete. I’m 37 years old, single and as you’ll find out on the about me page I’m yet to really discover my true ‘self’ and find my place in this world.  I had a fantastic childhood with parents who worked incredibly hard to give my sister and I the best possible start in life, so my story has no childhood trauma or abuse on which I can blame my poor decisions and current problems. Those have been all my own doing, so I have to take responsibility for them. This blog is about learning from them, about sharing my journey as I better myself and (hopefully) achieve a happier life for myself. First, I have to tell you my story…maybe some of it will resonate with you and you’ll join me on your own journey of self-discovery and self-improvement. Start here!


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